sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Learning Vocabulary

Learning vocabulary daily will help you improve your English. Subscribe to Learn English Daily and start learning new words everyday. You can also take a look at the following link and choose your Word of the day.

Below you will find other interesting sites to further improve your vocabulary. Have fun learning!!

Click on Vocabulary building exercises once you enter the site

Language Guide a fun visual tool to learn vocabulary
Dear Students,

I´m sure you like travelling so you will find this site very interesting.
It´s about
Ten Days in Manchester.
You have two possibilities:
Choose a 'good day' and everything goes according to plan...
...but choose a 'bad day' and it’s disaster after disaster after disaster!
Have fun learning with this business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter.

jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Let´s start learning

In groups please discuss the following questions:

  • Why do you need to learn/improve English?
  • Where will you need to use English?
  • What skills do you need to learn/improve?
  • How soon do you need to see results?
  • How much time can you afford to devote to learning English.

Different ways of improving my skills:

  • Do your homework.

  • Read a book a month.
  • Learn a new word every day.
  • Visit an English speaking forum every day.
  • Read a news article on the net every day.
  • Do 10 minutes listening practice every day.
  • Watch an English film at least once a month.
How many different ways can you say Thank you!!!